Supplier Terms And Conditions

  1. Except where otherwise expressly agreed by us in writing, this order is placed subject only to the following conditions, but without prejudice to any condition, warranty, right or remedy to which we are entitled by statute or common law in relation to goods ordered.
  1. No order will be binding on us unless made on its official order forms and signed by a duly authorised signatory. No variation of this order will be recognised unless such variation has been approved in writing by a duly authorised signatory.
  1. All goods to be delivered under this order are to be sent fully addressed and carriage paid to the address specified on our order stating our order number on the delivery advice, invoice and/or despatch notes. All boxes, casks, packing or other material necessary for the safe transportation of the goods shall be supplied free and unless otherwise specified on our order the goods shall be at your risk until delivered to us in accordance with our instructions.
  1. Any date quoted for delivery on this order will be a condition of this contract. If the delivery date is not met we shall have the right to cancel the order or any incomplete part thereof without obligation and purchase the goods elsewhere charging you with any extra cost thereby incurred.
  1. The goods comprised in this order shall conform as to quantity, quality and description with the particulars stated herein. If the goods are found not to be in accordance with this order or the above obligations the goods may be rejected and returned by the Company to the supplier at the suppliers risk and expense and the Company may recover any money paid in respect of such goods.
  1. The supplier must ensure that all goods including all attachments and accessories, will comply with all relevant requirements of any statute, statutory rule or order and that comprehensive instructions as to the operation of the goods are clearly displayed on them or supplied with them and that adequate information is provided to us about the conditions necessary for the safe use of the goods.
  1. The supplier shall fully indemnify the Company against all actions, claims, demands, costs, damages, charges and expenses whatsoever which may be incurred by us or brought or made against us in respect of any actual or alleged infringements of any letters patent, registered design, trade mark, or trade name protected in the United Kingdom by the use or sale of the goods.
  1. The supplier will not disclose or make any use of the information contained in any drawing, design or instruction, description, pattern, specification or sample provided by us except as may be necessary for the execution of the contract or as the Company may authorise in writing.
  1. If the supplier fails to perform this contract in any respect or conform to the stipulated delivery date, contract price, material specification or if he commits any breach of the terms and conditions of this order the Company may give you 7 days' notice in writing to make good the failure. If the supplier fails to comply with the notice within 7 days from the date of service thereof the Company may without prejudice to any other remedies suspend or cancel the contract either wholly or in part. The Company shall be entitled to retain and apply any balance which may be otherwise due on the contract from us to you or such part thereof as may be necessary to the payment of the costs of making good your failure and if such cost exceeds the balance due to you, you will pay such excess to us.
  1. Our standard payment terms will be 30 days from month of invoice.
  1. Where this purchase order results from a quotation or specification submitted by the Supplier, it is an essential condition of this contract that, having relied on the expertise of the supplier the goods purchased are fit for purpose.
  1. This purchase order contract is subject to English Law.