IT Team

The IT Crowd

IT is a vital part of the business and drives a lot of the analytics and number crunching in order to provide the Directors with the best information available for them to make key decisions to move the business forward.. The mantel of IT Manager sits on the shoulders of Joe Gibson.

Having been with Bond It for over 11 years, Joe spent his early years working in the Production Planning and Purchasing areas of the business. Spending valuable time in all areas of the Company has allowed Joe to build up a great knowledge of all the systems used across the Company from Manufacturing to Accounting.

An interest in IT, new technology and an eye for stats, facts and figures lead to Joe being promoted to IT Manager where he is now responsible for the security of our systems, training of staff, upgrading to new and improved tech and providing intelligent reports to key decision makers in the business. This allows Bond It to continue to function using the existing systems whilst looking towards the future so we continue to be successful in the ever changing business world of “tech".

A constant desire to keep Bond It fresh with new technology resulted in the company receiving an award for “Expanding the world of Sage" in 2017. The Datel (UK's leading Sage support provider) award was awarded to Bond It for our continued work to adapt Sage with bespoke add-ons to integrate and advance as many of our systems as possible.